Yeongjae Choi (Principal Investigator)

Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering [CV]

Office: Rm 702 / Bd S5

Email: Yeongjae (at)

I am an Assistant Professor at GIST in the Materials Science and Engineering Department. I was a postdoc in Peng Yin's lab in the Wyss Institute at Harvard University from 2020-2021. I got my Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Sunghoon Kwon's lab.

I was a recipient of Global Ph.D fellowship (2013-2018) and National Science and Technology Scholarship (2007-2012).


Jinho Kim (Ph.D Course)

Email: Wooiman9721 (at)

Jinho was a researcher in Biomaterial Lab in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at GIST. With Professor Jae Young Lee, He previously studied cell-material interfaces, such as microcarriers for stem cells.

He got his MS in Materials Science and Engineering, and BS in Life Science, GIST.

Woojin Kim (MS-Ph.D Course)

Email: arktos1859 (at)

Woojin was a researcher in BiNEL (@SNU), NEED Lab (@CAU), and JLK. He previously explored multiple topics in interdisciplinary area, including nanotechnology, bioinformatics, and 3D modeling.

He got his BS in Integrative Engineering, Chung-Ang University.


무한한 창의력으로, Nanoscale 에서 가장 Programmable 한 Material, DNA 를 디자인합니다.

기반 지식이나 기술이 없어도 창의력만 충분하면 되는 분야입니다. 결과에 대한 보상도 그 어느곳보다 클 것입니다!

진로, 유학, 포닥진학, 취업, 장학금 관련 상담도 가능합니다.

It won't fail because of me!

We are currently recruiting postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

Please contact Yeongjae (

Frequent Visitors

Hansol Choi

Hansol is a post-doctoral researcher in BiNEL (Adviser: Prof. Sunghoon Kwon), in the Electrical Engineering department, Seoul National University. Hansol has been conducting research with Yeongjae for over 5 years, and has published Nature Biotech and Angewandte Chemie papers together.

Hansol won the Minister's award for research excellence (Ministry of Education, 2022).

Diana Dayeon Choi

Junior Volunteer (Non-Scientific)

Current Interests : Milk, Lemon juice, Papa's laptop, Mama's phone