Yeongjae Choi (Principal Investigator)

Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering [CV]

Office: Rm 702 / Bd S5 

Email:  Yeongjae (at)

I am an Assistant Professor at GIST in the Materials Science and Engineering Department. I was a postdoc in Peng Yin's lab in the Wyss Institute at Harvard University from 2020-2021. I got my Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Sunghoon Kwon's lab.

I was a recipient of Global Ph.D fellowship (2013-2018) and National Science and Technology Scholarship (2007-2012).

Administrative Staff  : Sora Shin (Sora4619 (at) 


Eunjin Choi (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Email: e.choi.8893 (at)

Eunjin received a B.Sc in applied chemical engineering at the Korea University of Technology and Education (KoreaTech) and an M.Sc in materials science at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. She then joined a Micro, Nano, and Molecular Systems Group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (Stuttgart, Germany) for doctoral studies and received her Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Stuttgart. Her research interests include developing smart soft materials (e.g., hydrogels) and functional micro/nanoparticles for biomedical applications.

Jinho Kim (Ph.D Course)

Email: Wooiman9721 (at)

Jinho was a researcher in Biomaterial Lab in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at GIST. With Professor Jae Young Lee, He previously studied cell-material interfaces, such as microcarriers for stem cells.

He got his MS in Materials Science and Engineering, and BS in Life Science, GIST. 

Woojin Kim (MS-Ph.D Course)

Email: arktos1859 (at)

Woojin was a researcher in BiNEL (@SNU), NEED Lab (@CAU), and JLK. He previously explored multiple topics in interdisciplinary area, including nanotechnology, bioinformatics, and 3D modeling.

He got his BS in Integrative Engineering, Chung-Ang University.

Yoonhae Koh (MS Course)

Email: yoonhae0217 (at)

Yoonhae was an intern in Neuroethology Lab in the School of Life Science at GIST. With Professor Young-Joon Kim, She previously studied the modulation of optomotor response and egg-laying behavior of Drosophila

She got her BS in life science, GIST.

Hoeseong Kim (MS-Ph.D Course)

Email: mars1401 (at)

Hoeseong was an intern in Functional Oxide Nanostructure Lab in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at GIST. With Professor Ji-Young Jo, he previously studied the ferroelectricity of hafnium oxide and effect of film thickness.

He got his BS in Material Science and Engineering, GIST.

Jangho Choi (MS-Ph.D Course)

Email: jjanghowo (at)

Jangho was a researcher in Multiplexon(@KHU), BiNEL(@SNU). With Professor Wook Park, Sunghoon Kwon , and Yeongjae, he previously studied DNA-based smart systems and functional hydrogel fabrication.

He got his BS in Electrical Engineering, KHU.

Junho Roh (MS Course)

Email: shwnsgh0946 (at)

Junho was an intern in NDS. He previously studied DNA-based smart systems and functional hydrogel fabrication, and will continue his research.

He got his BS in Advanced Materials Engineering, KHU.

Sohyun Park (Researcher)

Email: qkrthgus1346 (at)

Sohyun was an intern in Developmental Genetics Lab in the School of Life Science at GIST. With Professor Sukwon Jin, she previously studied tyrosine phosphorylation of ALK2 receptor in BMP signaling.

She got her BS in Life Science, GIST.

GIST Interns

Junho Sim(EE)

Taehoon Kim (Life Science)

Jia Lee(Life Science)

Jaeseong Park (Life Science)

Seongjun Park(MSE)


무한한 창의력으로, Nanoscale 에서 가장 Programmable 한 Material, DNA 를 디자인합니다.

기반 지식이나 기술이 없어도 창의력만 충분하면 되는 분야입니다. 결과에 대한 보상도 그 어느곳보다 클 것입니다!

진로, 유학, 포닥진학, 취업, 장학금 관련 상담도 가능합니다.

It won't fail because of me!

We are currently recruiting postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

Please contact Yeongjae (

Frequent Visitors

Hansol Choi

Hansol is a post-doctoral researcher in Harvard medical school. Hansol has been conducting research with Yeongjae for over 5 years, and has published Nature Biotech and Angewandte Chemie papers together. 

Hansol was selected as outstanding researcher of BK21 program (Deputy Prime Minister, 2021).

Diana Dayeon Choi

Junior Volunteer (Non-Scientific)

Current Interests : Haribos, Papa's apple watch, Cameras, Dinosaurs, Turtles..