We engineer and synthesize information-bearing materials such as DNA, to build versatile and programmable platforms.

We develop tools to broaden our understanding of materials at the molecular level. We engineer and synthesize information-bearing materials such as DNA, to build versatile and programmable platforms that directly interact with material or application targets. Above biology, DNA is a sequence-programmable polymer in which monomer units of different chemical nature are arranged in an ordered fashion. Besides its programmability, DNA also has unique features as material, such as self-assembly, replication, and characterization by sequencing.

We will provide platforms to aid real-world problems of humankind, such as;

-Big data storage (DNA Memory)

Problem : The annual demand for digital data storage is expected to surpass the supply of silicon in 2040, assuming that all data are stored in flash memory for instant access. Considering the massive accumulation of digital data, the development of alternative storage methods is essential. DNA memory is the technology that can store the digital data of whole humanity in 1kg of powder for thousands of years. However, previous DNA-based data storage lacked system-level architecture, obstructing its industrial use.

Ongoing Projects : 1) DNA hard drive (DNA-nanoparticle hybrid) , 2) Molecular level data security (photolithography)

-Manipulate matters that humankind cannot reach (Nano-Micro Robotics)

Problem : The need of developing robots that can operate on the solution of the interests has been emphasized in various reviews for nano-micro scale manipulation of objects in solution, sensing of contamination, and injection of therapeutic agents in the body. Existing studies are categorized in terms of the complexity of movement (intelligence), the need for external power (stimuli dependency), and the complexity of the process (mass productivity), but they do not propose a mechanism that satisfies all three factors.

Ongoing Projects : 1) DNA nanorobot (molecular recorder) , 2) Micro-swimmer (soft robotics)

-DNA Synthesis (Vaccine production)

Problem : DNA has emerged as a promising material for multiple areas, including therapeutics, nanofabrication, and data storage. However, despite the current need for low-cost, highly complex, and long DNA, the current development of DNA synthesis is limited and still relies on decades old phosphor- amidite chemical synthesis methods. Many time-consuming steps of expensive and harsh reactions with the accumulation of toxic by-products greatly limit chemical synthesis as the demand for longer and larger quantities of DNA oligonucleotides increases.

Ongoing Projects : 1)Plasmonic-based DNA syntheis 2) MOPSS