* denote co-first authorship, # denote co-corresponding authorship.

Highly Accurate Sequence- and Position-Independent Error Profiling of DNA Synthesis and Sequencing

Huiran Yeom#, Namphil Kim, Amos Chungwon Lee, Jinhyun Kim, Hamin Kim, Hansol Choi, Seo Woo Song, Sunghoon Kwon, and Yeongjae Choi# 

ACS Synthetic Biology ASAP Article (2023) [link]

Barcoded multiple displacement amplification for high coverage sequencing in spatial genomics

Jinhyun K., Sungsik K., Huiran Y., Seo Woo S., Kyoungseob S., Sangwook B., Han Suk R., Ji Young K., Ahyoun C., Sumin L., Taehoon R., Yeongjae C., Hamin K., Okju K., Yushin J., Namphil K., Wonshik H., Han-Byoel L., Amos C. L. & Sunghoon K

Nature Communications 14:5261 (2023) [link]

Pen-drawn Marangoni swimmer

S.W. Song, S. Lee, J.K.Choe, A.C.Lee, K.Shin, J.Kang, G.Kim, H.Yeom, Y. Choi, S. Kwon & J.Kim

Nature Communications 14:3597 (2023) [link]

MOPSS: Toward high-fidelity oligonucleotides for clinical applications

H.Choi, S.Kwon, T.Ryu, Y. Choi#

Clinical and Translational Medicine (2022) [link]

Spatial epitranscriptomics reveals A-to-I editome specific to cancer stem cell microniches

A. C. Lee, Y. Lee, A. Choi, HB. Lee, K. Shin, H. Lee, JY. Kim, HS. Ryu, HS. Kim, SY. Ryu, S. Lee, JH. Cheun, DK. Yoo, S. Lee, H. Choi, T. Ryu, H. Yeom, N. Kim, J. Noh, Y. Lee, I. Kim, S. Bae, J. Kim, W. Lee, O. Kim, Y. Jung, C. Kim,. S.W. Song, Y. Choi, J. Chung, B. G. Kim,  W. Han & S. Kwon

Nature Communications 13:2540 (2022) [link]

Purification of multiplex oligonucleotide libraries by synthesis and selection

H. Choi*, Y. Choi*, J Choi, A. C. Lee, H. Yeom, J. Hyun, T. Ryu#, and S. Kwon#

Nature Biotechnology 40, 47-53 (2022) [pdf]

Ampoule-Like Microvolume Containers with Transparent Code for Easy-to-Use and Space-Saving Storage of Small-Volume Biospecimens

H.Kim*, Y. Choi*#, A. C. Lee, J. Bae, J. Yoon, K. Kim, C. Park, H. Y. Jung, G. Y. Lee, H. Choi, S. Kwon#, and W. Park#

Advanced Materials Technologies (2021) [link]

Photopatterned Microswimmers with Programmable Motion without External Stimuli

Y. Choi*#, C. Park*, A. C. Lee, J. Bae, H, Kim, H. Choi, S. Song, Y. Jeong, J. Choi, H. Lee, S. Kwon#, and W. Park#

Nature Communications 12, 6-13 (2021) [pdf]

Direct 2D-to-3D transformation of pen drawings

S. Song*, S. Lee*, J. Choe, N. Kim, J. Kang, A. C. Lee, Y. Choi, A. Choi, Y. Jeong, W. Lee, J. Kim, S. Kwon#, J. Kim#

Science Advances 7 : eabf3804 (2021) [pdf]

Shear Stress-Triggered Deformation of Microparticles in a Tapered Microchannel

C. Park, J. Bae, Y. Choi, W. Park

Polymers 13 (1), 55 (2021) [pdf]

DNA Micro-disk for Management of DNA-based Data Storage with Index and Write-once-read-many (WORM) Memory Features

Y. Choi*, H. Bae*, A. C. Lee, H. Choi, D. Lee, T. Ryu, J. Hyun, S. Kim, H. Kim, S. Song, W. Park#, S. Kwon#

Advanced Materials 32 (37), 2001249 (2020) [pdf]

Cell-Free Bacteriophage Genome Synthesis Using Low-Cost Sequence-Verified Array-Synthesized Oligonucleotides

 H. Yeom, T. Ryu, A. C. Lee, J. Noh, H. Lee, Y. Choi, N. Kim, S. Kwon

ACS Synthetic Biology 9 (6), 1376–1384 (2020) [pdf]

OPENchip: an on-chip in situ molecular profiling platform for gene expression analysis and oncogenic mutation detection in single circulating tumour cells

A. C. Lee, J. Svedlund, E. Darai, Y. Lee, D. Lee, HB. Lee, SM. Kim, O. Kim, H J. Bae, A. Choi, S. Lee, Y. Jeong, S W. Song, Y. Choi, H. Yeom, C. S. Lee, W. Han, D S. Lee, JY. Jang, N. Madaboosi, M. Nilsson, S. Kwon

Lab on a Chip 20 (5), 912-922 (2020) [pdf]

Selected as a Cover article

High information capacity DNA-based data storage with augmented encoding characters using degenerate bases

Y. Choi, T. Ryu, A. C. Lee, H. Choi, H. Lee, J. Park, S. Song, S. Kim, H. Kim, W. Park, S. Kwon

Scientific Reports 9, 6582 (2019) [pdf]

Featured in "Expanding DNA storage capacity", Science, 366, 6462 (2019) [link]

Design and Synthesis of a Reconfigurable DNA Accordion Rack

Y. Choi*, H. Choi*, A. C. Lee*, S. Kwon

Journal of Visualized Experiments (138), e58364 (2018) [pdf]

A Reconfigurable DNA Accordion Rack

Y. Choi*, H. Choi*, A. C. Lee, H. Lee, S. Kwon

Angewandte Chemie International edition 57 (11), 2811-2815 (2018) [pdf]